InkWELL Press Planner Review 11.1.14

Okay, Ladies! To keep us occupied until our planners arrive, I’d like to share my opinion of the inkWELL company, their planner, and customer service at this point.

Once I heard about the inkWELL Press planner, like many others, I quickly went to their YouTube video showing the planner and also the Q & A video answering basic questions.  There are a several options to choose from when selecting quality planners so I was curious to see what this company could offer that would be competitive in this particular market. After watching the video, I was impressed first with the quality of the paper, the binding, and the goal sheets.  I really thought that the videos in general were very good quality and entertaining.  The planner seems to stand out from the rest with a classy and durable selection of covers. They also offer both a classic and flex layout to better suit the needs of both people that need a time schedule and others that need a more open option. The option of personalizing  your name on the cover in gold leaf  is very stylish as well.  Lastly, I found that the inclusion of three note pages after each month and note pages in the back would be very useful for me as I tend to change up my planner as the year goes by. This offers me great flexibility in being able to do this. I am also a list maker and this appeals to me greatly!

The website is very user-friendly and is packed full of helpful hints and tips as well. This has kept me going while I await the arrival of my planner! Furthermore, the company offers free downloads to its customers to add to their planners. Free downloads you say? Yes, I’ll sign up for that! There are even videos available that show customers how to add pages to their new planner.

Now, let’s move to the ordering part. The company started out with a bang and even offered a giveaway allowing three lucky winners a free planner for life. (Congrats to the winners!)  The company also announced a special opportunity to preorder the inkWELL liveWELL planners on October 22, 2014. Then, they went above and beyond, impressing us all by allowing the Facebook group members a surprise one hour window in which to place the first orders for planners.  What??? This was so great. As all of our hearts raced awaiting the announcement of the exact time, our fingers were on the “order” button on the website.

Now, let’s talk Customer Service! Well, if you thought all those helpful videos and links weren’t enough, the company also has a Facebook group and a blog to help their customers. (Links will be provided below.) To date, I have seen wonderful interaction from the owner, Tonya Dalton, as well as other inkWELL employees on the Facebook group. They are very timely and helpful in answering customer’s questions.  When everyone was preordering their planners there were a few hang ups. (This is expected especially with a new product coming available.) Some users experienced trouble checking out while others weren’t able to use their referral codes at the time of purchase.  There were also some customer’s that made ordering errors regarding personalization. All of these issues were addressed in the most courteous and timely manner that I have ever seen of a company before. They personally took the time to assist customers both in their Facebook group as well as via email.

The average response time for their emails seems to be around 15-30 minutes if you email them within normal business hours. This is fantastic given that you know they are extremely busy getting everything in order, yet still stay on top of customer service.  They are constantly providing ordering updates as well and promise to let us know when our planner is ready for personalization and shipping.  We even received an update that the planner covers arrived at their facility from the printer and they weren’t pleased with the quality. So, they are going to have those redone. While this seem like a disappointment to some, I was impressed that they want everything to be perfect for our planners. I don’t mind waiting a few extra days for a better product.

So, my impression of this company, the planner, and their customer service so far is impeccable.  I’m anxiously awaiting my planner. We will keep you informed as more information becomes available. When our planners arrive, we will also be adding an unboxing video to share with you all.  Please see the following links for more information on the inkWELL Press liveWELL planners. Oh, I just received an email with the link to the free November downloads! See you all later!


Where can you get more information or follow inkWELL Press?

inkWELL Press Blog

inWELL Press Website

Twitter @inkwellpress

Instagram inkwellpress


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